Atelier Classes


Currently admitting students from November though December 2016

Class schedule month to month

September – 4 session nude long pose

November – 1 session nude long pose

December – 1 session portrait

I am excited to offer curriculum based atelier style drawing and painting instruction. Classes will continue month to month most of the year round. Students will work through the curriculum at their own pace until they feel confident enough to move on to the next segment.

Students will be required to work through a certain amount of drawing assignments from still life and casts and are expected to be at a level of drawing mastery before they will be given the opportunity to advance into painting and working with live models. In addition homework will be assigned on a weekly basis coinciding with current lesson plans.

Often in the atelier structure, students at higher levels will be required to critique beginning students. This will benefit the experienced students by teaching them to verbalize and rationalize their understanding.

Drawing concepts taught

  • Dexterity
  • How to sight accurate proportions
  • How to model form
  • How to develop space and emphasis
  • Light logic
  • Materials and techniques in various dry media
  • Composition

Figure drawing concepts taught

  • Basic human proportion
  • Structural anatomy
  • Gesture and rhythms of the human form
  • Strategy for extended drawings
  • Portraiture
  • How to sight accurate proportions from a live model
  • Materials and techniques in various dry media

Painting concepts taught

  • How to handle paint
  • Modeling form and space in paint
  • Limited and full range palettes
  • Color perception
  • Materials and various techniques
  • Economy

 Classes take place on Wednesday nights 4 times a month  from 6-9pm

Current pricing:

Figure Drawing or painting $145 per month

Located at:

1216 Apache Blvd Tempe AZ 85281

Email inquiries about classes or enrollment to: